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Today is: July 13, 2024 4:38pm

The Foundation for a Bright Future Starts with Hello Montessori

Hello Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten joyfully unites with parents of enrolled families to provide a dynamic, quality living and learning foundation for children 36 months through 6 years old vested in the philosophy of Dr. Marie Montessori.  As a family-operated business, we are able to offer enrolled children the unique, individually tailored care, curriculum and support that families so earnestly seek.  Our daily purpose allows our students to grow through enriched experience, to confidently and safely explore the world around them and to steadfastly develop proficient learning skills, essential self regulation and the stable self confidence they need for a lifetime of success.

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Hello Montessori has been a part of my family’s life for a decade now.  My oldest (of 4) began at three years old and my fourth child will be graduating kindergarten this year.  Miss Natalee has provided an amazing preschool and kindergarten experience for all of my children.  They spent their younger years in a nurturing environment overflowing with love and personal attention while excelling in all academic areas.  Hello Montessori is an outstanding school, unparalleled by any other that I have seen in the surrounding areas.  I recommend this school wholeheartedly.

Both of our boys (one in Pre-K & one in Kindergarten) currently attend Hello Montessori and we are extremely delighted with their personal and scholastic development. Miss Natalee has developed a curriculum that simultaneously challenges our children but is also flexible enough to address any areas that require more or less attention, as we all know that no two individuals are the same. The focus on often overlooked details like cleanliness, timeliness and courtesy are essential building blocks to comprehend at an early age and Hello Montessori does a fantastic job of reinforcing these key attributes. The environment at Hello Montessori is wonderful and we wholeheartedly endorse this school.

My child has attended Hello Montessori for pre-k and Kindergarten and has had wonderful experience. Miss Natalee has created such a warm, kind and nurturing learning environment.  My child is truly excited to go to school every day and we continue to see him grow academically, socially and emotionally.  It has been a joy to watch him become a leader as a Kindergartner and to have the opportunity to develop the confidence and responsibility that Miss Natalee instills in the children.  The approach to learning is challenging yet adaptable to each child’s needs.  I have felt fortunate that my son has had this time at Hello and will be very sad when this school year ends.

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