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Temporary School Closure

PTB: Mandatory school closures through end of 19/20 School Year!!!

Hello can only conform to mandates of the PTB.  We do not anticipate the freedom to conduct the Children’s Summer Program this year.  If mandates change, we will adapt.  We hope to see friends and supporters in the fall.

Miss Natalee & Miss Amanda miss the kiddies, the daily & are crestfallen and reeling.


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Looking for 3 year olds!

Our classroom is delightfully complete but the time to take that tour you keep planning to take for School Year 2020/2021 is now!  Make the right choice for your little one early; call or ‘contact us’ to tour and submit your child’s application while enrollment is available.  Be first in line to let Hello Montessori nurture your child’s potential.