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Statement of Purpose:  Hello Montessori is directed by the teachings and experience of Dr. Maria Montessori and her vast personal and professional empirical observations.  We are dedicated to assisting the whole child develop toward independence and eventual adulthood, as Montessori envisioned.  Therein, the self-directed instruction and group activities are focused to facilitate each child’s work to find age appropriate balance, contentment and purpose as intended by Montessori’s classroom organization and lessons.

Our Classroom Leadership: Our directress holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development and is Montessori certified for Early Childhood by MMTTC in Evanston, Illinois.  With quiet and reassuring confidence, she assists each child in her care to exercise their unique abilities—through the boundless opportunities at Hello—to enjoy personal growth, to develop a healthy sense of personal worth, to grow self-regulation, to learn an awareness of the world around them and to operate successfully in that world.  Our directress invests her ability, creative energy, profound talent, enthusiasm and more than a decade of professional experience while embracing each child’s welfare through a long-range commitment to Dr. Maria Montessori’s education philosophy.  It is our directress’ pledge and that of the staff to maintain a high degree of educational opportunities and integrity within the community.

Classroom organization:   Our happy, bright and sunny classrooms reflect a composition of the classic Montessori display providing six (06) distinct learning areas—Practical Life, Sensorial Awareness, Language, Math, Culture & Science and Arts—with assorted manipulatives and materials presented on clean, modern, child-friendly furniture.  While the methodology of Montessori, like any other pedagogy or discipline, requires a formal education and degree from an accredited training center—which our directress has achieved—we offer a basic rendering of each area found in the links to the right (Related Pages) to allow an insight to Hello Montessori’s classroom organization and hopefully answer preliminary questions, therein.  We encourage you to please contact the school to schedule a visit (click on Schedule a Tour at top of page) to witness the Montessori Method come alive; we would enjoy sharing our day’s pleasure with you!

As each child’s innate readiness signals, our directress presents an individually tailored curriculum filled with particular lessons that pique the developing, engaged thinker’s brain.  A low student-teacher ratio ensures individual attention in our caring and structured environment.  Hello Montessori provides regular student assessments with printed reports along with three (03) formal parent conferences.

Hello Montessori also offers a Children’s Summer Program.