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Hello Montessori understands the education intent you have for your child and the enormity of this first great decision.  We are here to ease that reasonable anxiety and provide your family with peace of mind.

We know you require the best individualized early education along with thoughtful concern for your youngster’s welfare and want all that in a family-oriented secure environment.  We recognize that you expect the finest presentation of Academics, Arts, Culture, the Sciences, Socialization and Recreation in which to immerse your little one while faithfully nurturing your child’s heart and thoughtfully guiding their path.  This is where the admissions process begins.

The very next step is to contact Hello Montessori using any of the contact information provided on our contact pages.  By the time your child is 31 months, request an appointment to tour the school with your little one and speak with our directress, first hand.  First impressions are important to us and to you;  we are confident you will like what you see.

During your visit, a Candidate Application Booklet will be provided for you to complete and return to the school.  It outlines tuition costs, fees, program hours and contract arrangements.  Please do not request this information before your tour.

Following review of your completed Candidate Application Booklet, an Application Interview will be scheduled for your family and your child.  The review of interview responses, a discussion with the classroom directress and other factors are considered in determining whether an offer of enrollment is made.   A letter will notify candidates of enrollment status.

Program Options:

Ages 3-4 years: Half-days two, three, or five days per week from 8:30 AM-11:30 AM.

Ages 4-6 years: Full days two, three, or five days per week from 8:30 AM-3 PM.

Note:  Program truncation is available; fees are not adjusted for those choices.  HMPK discourages program abbreviation to offer a more valuable & comprehensive service to family and child.  Each enrolled child grows into fuller service needs.

Age-Related Notes:

  • Hello Montessori serves children between the ages of thirty-six months and six years of age; if your child falls between these parameters, s/he is an candidate for our preschool and kindergarten programs.
  • Children between the ages of thirty-six months and forty-eight months are restricted to a half-day education program.  S/He may attend all five morning sessions of school.  (Please refer to schedule below.)  At forty-eight months, a child may begin Hello Montessori’s full day program and is a candidate for aftercare for one hour at the close of the education day.*
  • Your child must be aware of the need to and capable of using the toilet independently for both urination and defecation (bathroom assistance can be provided).
  • There are no academic prerequisites or requisites for preschool.  Kindergarten prerequisites will be assessed prior to admission to the kindergarten program.

Health-Related Notes:

  • The State of Illinois Department of Health requires children to have current all pediatric inoculations and booster shots through physician conducted annual health exams.
  • Additionally, a report completed by parents and pediatric/family physician is included in admission documents.
  • The Illinois State Board of Educaiton requires any person enrolling a child for the first time to produce a certified copy of a child’s original birth certificate, passport, visa or other governmental documentation.
  • Our facility is handicapped accessible.

*Hello Montessori is a dedicated education facility where we provide each child in our care an exceptional start to a lifetime of responsible citizenship and academic learning.  Your little one will develop independence and purpose at Hello Montessori as well as primary-level academics and life skills.  Hello Montessori does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national or ethnic origin, or religious or cultural background; the formal admission process to any Montessori program depends on a collection of variables to include your child’s readiness, learning style, classroom fullness and compliance to a financial contract.  The alliance between child/family and school is critical.  The administration of Hello Montessori policies, programs, rights, activities and educational learning possibilities are availed to all students at the school.