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Culture & Science

The areas of Culture and Science are combined as culture is explored initially by way of geography.  Culture is investigated further through books about each of the seven (07) continents, cultural celebrations throughout the school year, flag studies, food sampling and art.  Earth’s key elements of air, land and water are introduced and the unique shapes of each continent are examined at length.  A specially designed set of maps—color-coded wooden puzzles—represents continents, countries in each continent and the individual states of these United States.  Land and water form studies help your child identify basic forms such as island, lake, cape and bay.  Science studies begin by differentiating between living and non-living things as well as identifying the basic characteristics of plants and animals.  Puzzles representing parts of flowers, trees, mammals, fish and reptiles are used to learn vocabulary.  Study of plants and animals extends to regular nature walks, seasonal gardening, fun-filled field trips and regular care of classroom pets.