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Practical Life

Practical Life lays the groundwork for your child’s success as a student.  It supplies a ready-range of common daily activities and small-scale utensils wherein your little one enthusiastically engages in broom sweeping, simple hand sewing, table setting, hand dishwashing and an abundant array of everyday responsibilities that tend to be relegated to grown-ups at home.  The adult-like exercises practiced in school aid your youngster in developing a sense of mental and physical order, gross motor coordination and concentration to effectively manage and develop more sophisticated skills that help her/him deal with the physical and social environment in which s/he lives.  Through self-directed purposeful engagement, use and repetition of Practical Life activities prompted by the provided materials, a sense of responsibility and self-confidence also emerge.  The collective skills acquired in Practical Life quickly prepare your child for continued exploration, operation and accomplishment in other areas of the Montessori classroom.